1. Professional Services Manager

    March 28, 2012 by christine


    A head of professional services wanted to his team to be more effective. He wanted his direct reports to take more decisions on their own and to encourage the same behaviour in their own teams. When his managers constantly came to him to solve problems, he became a bottle neck and issues got delayed. The consequence was his work load increased because he got involved in additional meetings to sort things out.

    During his Accelerated Success programme he recognised coaching as a skill he could learn and apply right away. He saw it as a powerful tool to stimulate the thinking of his managers, but that it was also something he could use with peers, between teams and with customers.

    He took it slowly at first, allowing his team time to adjust to his new approach of asking questions as opposed to telling. Coaching on the job helped him become a better manager, who delegated more. He stopped taking on additional work because he helped individuals think through issues and generate options for moving forwards. Over time he gave up control of solving problems as individuals learned to think for themselves. Of course this freed him up to work on more important stuff, which previously he had had to put off. Now his managers come to him with problems and solutions, which they discuss. He also encourages them to coach their teams and has seen confidence improve as individuals take on and succeed in more complex tasks.

    Curiously enough, an unexpected outcome in becoming a good coach was extending his listening capability. In the heat of the moment he noticed he finished people’s sentences or just give them a solution. Now he takes a step back and hears people out before he decides how to move forwards. He reports he is more patient with his team – which is validated by his boss – and actively encourages them to give their input. He reports, ‘When you are a better listener the solutions are better and the other party is more satisfied’.

    Customers have also felt the benefit. He listens to understand what they really mean, so that he is clear on what their issues are. This approach has helped him handle a number of tricky customer situations.

  2. Global Account Director

    by christine


    We worked with a global account director who wanted to step back from his role and look at the bigger picture, enabling him to focus on making a real difference to his business. He had always made a point of responding to emails and voicemails promptly but realised this meant he spent his time reacting to other people’s agendas. He needed to identify his own agenda for the team and free up his time to deliver to that. At first he thought there just weren’t enough hours in the day and that high stress levels went with the territory.

    Through his Accelerated Success programme he developed working habits that got better results for him, his team and for customers. This meant getting clear on the long term strategy for his part of the business, then making sure individuals understood their objectives, which would deliver the revenue. He became more goal focused and learned how to prioritise more effectively – now he decides what’s important. His team worked to his lead and are clearer on what is expected of them. They now spend more time thinking about how to engage with customers and partner organisations, to ensure they deliver the best possible service. They are also learning far more from customers and partners about how to continue to improve.

    The changes the account director has implemented have become the norm for his team. Now that he is truly goal-focused and has learned to prioritise, he spends more of his time helping the team win new business and achieving higher margins. The team gets the deal in this quarter as planned and doesn’t let it slip to the next. This translates directly to increased profit for the company as a whole.

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