Accelerated Success
Programme Overview

Who is it for?

The programme is for successful leaders, key players and high potentials who are ready to focus on driving critical change. We enable you to carve out precious time to attend to issues which are negatively impacting performance – important issues which never get to the top of the list.

You have a vision and aspirations for your part of the business, which are closely aligned with the company’s strategy. Growth targets are more challenging than ever but you know what needs to be done to deliver results. Doing more of the same isn’t an option: work already feels 24/7. You know you have to drive some serious changes and that means breaking out of the cycle of short term thinking.

That’s your Catch 22. If you stop and try to work in a different way, you risk missing quarterly targets. And if don’t stop and try something new you remain shackled to the short term. You know there’s plenty of leadership stuff out there which could help you and your team be more productive. That’s part of the problem. Your bandwidth is limited and you only want what is 100% relevant to your challenges, right now.

We provide an innovative solution for hard pressed, senior executives who need to pick up the pace of change. We share knowledge, new ideas and approaches, best practice, and tools and techniques that are relevant to your challenges, which other leaders in a similar position have found valuable.

You can find out if this approach is right for you and your business by requesting a free strategy session below. During a 90 minute meeting we invite you to reflect on the vision for your part of the business and your objectives for the next 12-24 months. We will explore the most important and challenging aspects of your objectives, and what it is most important for your part of the business to get better at to fully achieve them.

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Leveraging value from working in this way

Our work enables leaders, key players and high potentials to accelerate their success. Our experience and research suggests those who get most value from programmes and deliver an excellent return on their company’s investment demonstrate:

  • A drive for success
  • An agenda for change
  • Values which are well aligned with those of the company
  • A recognisable commitment to their own learning and development
  • A willingness to take risks and execute
  • A desire to make a difference

You may like to consider how these constants resonate with you and discuss them with people you trust.

Programme methodology

We believe you are the best person to generate the solutions to your current challenges. You know the people and the territory better than anyone else does, so we don’t tell you what to do. What we do is help you make an informed decision about which changes will most benefit your results and which measures tell you your efforts are working. This process brings focus to our work and enables us to set the outcomes you want from the programme.

Your coach designs a unique programme for you. It reflects your agenda for change and the important issues you want to attend to now. We suggest where you can usefully extend your knowledge and adapt your capabilities to foster change more effectively. Our work is therefore timely and relevant. During the following 7-10 months we work with you for 2 hours per month, to achieve your outcomes.

Spreading sessions over time fosters learning that you implement on the job and leads to change that sticks. Essentially this is a space where you can do some of your best thinking. In your personalized sessions, we discuss ideas, develop know-how and introduce new tools and techniques which are relevant to your challenges,

Sessions are a catalyst for execution. Discussion is informative but it is only useful when you apply it on the job. We therefore agree assignments that you complete between sessions. Change is a complex and unpredictable business and we plan your assignments with care and attention. Your aim is to test out new ideas and approaches in the field, thoughtfully and safely. We review and reflect on assignments during subsequent sessions, to continuously build on learning and improve execution next time round.


Alignment matters

Establishing alignment between company strategy and your individual activity takes time, attention to detail and some incisive questioning. We have found the most effective way of achieving alignment is to have a three-way session between you, the participant, your line manager and your coach. Together we begin to scope outcomes for your programme and identify how to measure progress and results. This three-way session is also an opportunity to illuminate how your line managers objectives will be impacted by your efforts.

Our approach may seem painstaking but it’s hard to put right later what we get wrong at the start. We advocate taking time at the beginning to ensure the outcomes you achieve are the right ones. So when you do build momentum, you are heading in the right direction.

Accountability matters

About half way through each programme we have a further three-way session. The purpose is to report on progress and get feedback from your line manager. We share results and explore the value of changes you have made to stakeholders, such as your team, colleagues, others in the company and your customers, suppliers and partner organisations. In addtion, knowing that situations move on, this is an appropriate time to revisit the outcomes and check alignment.

Fostering continued growth

As our work comes to an end we draw up a Sustaining Growth plan which helps you continue to progress your agenda over the next 3-4 months. This ensures a smooth transition between ending the programme and continuing to build on your efforts. To assist you we provide ongoing email support for a further 6 months.

We also review your achievement against outcomes and business objectives and analyse your results against the measures we agreed. This helps us assess the value you have leveraged from the programme and specifically how extending your performance has impacted your team and the wider business.

Value is cumulative

The formal close of a programme is too soon to assess the full value of your effort which is why we follow up with you 4-6 months later. In a Business Value interview, first we review your Sustaining Growth plan, then we observe how you are continuing to add value to the business through sustained effort. Our major concern is to drill into the detail of the impact you have on the business and connect it with the original measures. Where appropriate we share the results with line management and other stakeholders, as agreed with you.

What’s the next step?

Leveraging leaders, key players and high potentials might be the competitive edge you’re looking for. To explore if working with us is right for your business request a free 90-minute Strategy Session.

During the session you will be invited to reflect on:

  • The vision for your part of the business
  • Your objectives for the next 12-24 months
  • The most important and challenging aspects of achieving your objectives
  • What’s most important for your part of the business to get better at to fully achieve objectives.

»To request your free strategy session please complete this form. We will contact you within 48 hours.

LEVERAGING LEADERS, KEY PLAYERS & HIGH POTENTIALS. Is this the competitive advantage your business is looking for? Contact us to request a free strategy session Download the programme overview

We offer a free session to help you decide if working with us will extend your performance and deliver the results you want. The purpose of the session is for you to reflect on:

  • Your objectives for the next 12-24 months
  • The most important and challenging aspects of these objectives
  • What it would be most important for your part of the organisation to get better at, in order to achieve fully the business objectives.

You will also know if our accelerated success programmes are right for you.

To book your free strategy session, please complete and send the form below. We will contact you to arrange your session within 48 hours.

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