Success Stories


A consultant leading a critical piece of work with a global telecommunications company snatches victory from the jaws of defeat.

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Vice President EMEA

Head of IT professional services EMEA increases business revenue by focusing on his strategic leadership.

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Regional Director of Professional Services

A regional director for a global data warehousing business changes his leadership style to sustain hard won growth.

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UK Country Head

The UK head for a global ICT company gets everyone across the business working to a shared vision and improves business results.

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Director of Sales

A high performing account director transitions into his new role as the director of sales, to become a high performing leader.

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Director of Business Development

A newly appointed director of business development builds a high performing team.

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Sales Director

A sales director increases annual revenue by £7.5 million by improving internal relationships and shortening the sales cycle.

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Practice Leader

The leader of an overseas consulting practice of 350 people provides strategic direction and improves teamwork to exceed revenue targets.

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Financial Services Director of Sales

The head of UK sales for financial services IT increases the capability of his team and exceeds targets.

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Professional Services Manager

The head of professional services focuses on what adds most value in his role to improve team performance.

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Global Account Director

A global account director focuses his team and wins new business by learning to think and behave more strategically.

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Operations Manager

A team leader improves decision making and teamwork, reducing stress and frustration for all stakeholders.

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Field Services Operations Manager

A recently promoted team leader learns to delegate and manage the performance of others to raise his game and improve team effectiveness.

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Principal Consultant

A principal consultant learns how to step back and trust his team to deliver.

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Senior Business Consultant

A senior consultant builds a high performing virtual team across EMEA for improved business results year on year.

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Senior Technical Consultant

A key player with customers and colleagues achieves better results through developing a more collaborative leadership style.

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