1. Director of Business Development

    March 28, 2012 by christine


    We worked with a newly appointed director of business development. The role was a new position in the company and it was a radical change from his previous job. Furthermore, it had been a number of years since he had directly managed a team. He now had to build and lead a new department, which had two years to be successful and meet revenue targets. He knew he needed to get a clear idea of what his new job was all about and to develop the capabilities to step up to the challenge. A big concern for him was how to be effective in the role and bring the best out in his new team.

    His Accelerated Success programme enabled him to step back from fire fighting – initially he behaved as though everything was important, so he tried to do everything. He realised he had to set specific time aside to think about strategy and the longer term in a more structured way. By thinking strategically about what he should be doing, he stopped wasting his time on jobs that were of no value.

    An important step was to improve communication and collaboration with his peers on the company’s management team. He improved his understanding of the sales directors’ pipelines and their plans for the next 12-24 months, and focused on integrating business development into the flow of information. Through doing this, he created a framework that minimised the number of gaps in communication, that had frequently led to problems for members of the management team in the past.

    Building these peer relationships enabled him to provide real leadership for his team too, getting them to think about the bigger picture and what they were trying to achieve with each prospect. The team has a weekly briefing so everyone knows what he or she has to focus on and the director knows his team’s activity is aligned. In particular, he was able to greatly reduce the amount of time they spent working on leads that were of no real substance, freeing up their time to focus on genuine prospects. The whole team is much clearer about what is expected of them, and they come across more professionally to prospective clients because they are well prepared for sales calls. As a result they provide more and better quality leads for the sales teams.

    The director of business development is now more effective than he was before his programme, and is enjoying himself more. He reports, ‘I’ve got much better use of my time and better use of my day, without working ridiculous hours. I can delegate in a thoughtful and planned way.’¬†And his boss said, ‘As an organisation we are in a much better position to execute for 2012. There is also more potential to develop the business development role. There was no blue print for this role before you (the director) took it on. Now other countries are putting in this role and they are coming to the UK for guidance.’

    His approach helps his boss in other ways too. Their one-to-one meetings are highly focused and tackle priority issues. They have a shorter list of things to discuss when they meet, which are the right things for the business to drive growth. They have also cleared time to focus on the important strategic alliances which will help them grow the business.

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