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    March 28, 2012 by christine


    When leaders learn to focus on what adds most value in achieving business goals, they focus others around them too. That’s what happened when the leader of an overseas consulting practice in a rapidly growing market came to us. As part of a global company, his practice of 350 people had been set very challenging growth targets, and he wanted to free himself up to focus on strategy and empower his management team to take ownership of the operational side. However, his team was already working flat out, just not always on the right things. There were too many problems and distractions throwing them off course. The practice leader knew what he wanted to change, he just wasn’t sure how to make this happen.

    We customised an Accelerated Success programme, focused on helping him learn on the job how to grow the capability of his management team, enabling them to take to take the lead on operational issues. After a testing couple of years he also wanted to reinvigorate the practice, slow down attrition and get people excited about the future. So we worked with him on how to engage his team in this process.

    First steps included extending his delegation skills and how to pass important tasks onto the right people, at the right time and in the right way. As the programme coincided with the performance review cycle, we also worked on developing his coaching and feedback skills. We planned sessions with his people before he did them in the field, so the results he got were better and faster. Then we reviewed and refined his approach so that he could continue to develop it on the job. By extending his own capability this leader was also growing the company’s next generation of talent. When he paid attention to his own competence, he learned and consciously passed the lessons on to his team.

    We helped him learn how to engage his management team in creating a compelling vision for the practice, which was closely aligned with the direction of the organisation. He led his team through this process and then tasked each manager with repeating the process with their own team, thereby engaging more people in the new direction. As a result, team members got clear on how the practice aligned with the company globally, and what they needed to do individually to achieve practice goals. In 2010 the practice had its best year ever, and is now highly focused and continues to exceed targets.

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  • The most important and challenging aspects of these objectives
  • What it would be most important for your part of the organisation to get better at, in order to achieve fully the business objectives.

You will also know if our accelerated success programmes are right for you.

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