1. Financial Services Director of Sales

    March 28, 2012 by christine


    A financial services sales manager had been in the role for two years. He was successful and had a clear strategy for continuing to grow his part of the business by breaking into a new industry sector. He knew that how he performed as a leader would have a direct impact on his team and he knew he could stretch his people, delegate more of the sales execution, freeing him up to focus on strategy and the longer term.

    Changes in the team meant he had to fill vacancies and transition new people into the organisation. Furthermore, he had two less experienced people whom he would like to move into more challenging roles. He couldn’t afford to let execution on deals slip, because he had to make his quarterly targets. How could he continue to support his team and develop his own capability when his bandwidth was so limited?

    The Accelerated Success programme gave him space to reflect on what makes a good leader and how to foster high performance in his team. With his less experienced staff, this seasoned sales executive had relied heavily on directing the team. He’d seen most problems before and he didn’t have time to talk things through – feeling under pressure and short of time is the enemy of good coaching. We explored the value of directing versus taking more time, at least at first, to help individuals work out solutions for themselves.

    He learned the difference between mentoring and coaching, when to do one or the other, and he increased his ability to do both. When he coached he noticed this gave individuals an opportunity to figure out how to deal with the issue in the right way. They’d come up with the actions and they felt much better because they had worked out how to solve the problem themselves. He would help them look at the goal and where they were trying to get to, then look at the options for getting to that place, using questions to get the individual thinking for themselves. As a result, he started to get the breakthrough moments that you need in a sales situation.

    He reported, ‘We have to work closely together as a team to get results. There are things which enable us – trust and respect – and coaching my team developed that. It was satisfying for me to get to the end of a call or meeting, where I had people thinking and looking at different options and actions. I didn’t always have to jump in and tell people what to do.’

    His team learned how to win good, profitable, long term business: mega major accounts, which mean multi million dollar revenue year on year, if they do the job right. Winning new business is a key enabler for the company and although it is very hard to do, it can be done and his team does it.

    His final comment was, ‘This kind of performance is directly related to the team working in a certain way – that’s my belief. I was able to delegate effectively and empower my team, to be there to support them when needed but not smothering them. The benefit to the company is directly related to the bottom line.

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