1. Sales Director

    March 28, 2012 by christine


    We worked with a sales director in a systems solutions and professional services company. His team was successful but he knew he could get better results if he improved working relationships.

    At the start of his Accelerated Success programme the sales director recognised there was a silo mentality between sales and professional services. A lack of trust between key executives was slowing down the allocation of resources, and a general lack of cooperation between the two teams was impeding agility and affecting results. He therefore worked on his strategy to mend fences and demonstrate a genuine intention to collaborate. This meant careful planning for some difficult conversations and exploring conflict resolution techniques.

    It was hard going at first but his commitment to growing the business helped him succeed. Taking a pragmatic approach, he established a communication process which involved professional services much earlier in the sales cycle. This relieved the pressure on both teams and gave them time to plan resourcing of new opportunities more effectively. Where previously the sales director’s team had competed for resources and assigned blame, they developed trust and learned to collaborate with the professional services team. Over time, the professional services manager noticed that utilization rates with this sales director’s team were high. He therefore insisted his team work in the same way with all function leaders, which substantially increased his revenue.

    By changing his leadership style, the sales director shaped his entire team’s performance and also directly influenced improved performance of another function. This helped accelerate the sales cycle and the sales team’s contribution to UK revenue grew from 45% to 65%, an increase of approximately £7.5 million annually.

    A driven and very successful executive he has now been promoted into a Business Leader role within the organisation.

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